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A therapeutic group home for girls.
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Program Goals
Embracing Arms, Inc. is committed to the philosophy that delivery of its services is supported through a continuous quality improvement process.  This process is designed to systematically monitor and evaluate the adequacy and appropriateness of services and pursues opportunities to improve health outcomes, and consumer and family member satisfaction.  To support this commitment, Embracing Arms maintains a Quality Improvement Program to ensure oversight of all quality activities. 

Examples of quality activities include the monitoring of consumer record reviews, compliance with policies and procedures, consistent use of utilization management criteria, outcome studies, and results of satisfaction surveys and complaint tracking.  Results of these activities are shared at organizational staff meetings and quality indicators are reported on a quarterly basis.

Embracing Arms is vigilant of the care and treatment its customers receive and their access to care services.  Embracing Armsí clinical staff members monitor consumer care for adverse outcomes, sentinel events, and complaints that involve possible or potential quality related issues.  If identified, the occurrence is documented and forwarded to the appropriate entity for further investigation or intervention.

Embracing Arms
- goals and outcome measures for FY2007-2008:

• 75% of residents will be discharged to home or a less restrictive level of care. 
• 90% of residents will be become involved in at least one prosocial activity during
   the length of stay.
• 75% of residents will improve on their overall CAFAS score as evidenced by a
   20-point decrease.
• 75% of residents with planned discharges will meet at least 50% of their
   treatment goals.
• 95% of consumers and family members will be satisfied with us as indicated by
   survey results.
• 100% of staff members will meet or exceed annual performance goals

Embracing Arms programs are designed to encourage positive change and growth through a series of educational, recreational, treatment and support services in a warm, loving, and therapeutic environment.